Hostels in Navarra
Nature, activities, routes, Camino de Santiago, gastronomy among friends
Navarra’s hostels offer a wide range of activities for much of the year. In addition to being an ideal place to spend the night, they are a base for excursions, activity centres, Camino de Santiago staging points and tourist accommodation with services for both individuals and groups. A tourism option with a competitive price, open to everyone and with much to offer.
Navarre hostels
Mostly located in small towns, surrounded by nature or at the foot of the Camino de Santiago staging points, they are accommodation centres prepared to welcome you, whether you come alone, are with friends or as part of a family or large group.

Most of them offer interesting programmes of nature, leisure and educational activities for organised groups.

And, of course, they are resting places for the Camino de Santiago and other long walking routes, where you can strike up a conversation, enjoy good local cuisine and recharge your batteries.

Most make a significant commitment to more sustainable and inclusive tourism, respectful of their environment and culture.

Hostels are recognised in Navarre as tourist accommodation and therefore must be entered in the Tourism Registry. There are 3 modalities, regulated by Foral Decree 140/2005:

  • Tourist Hostel – Category 1
  • Tourist Hostel – Category 2
  • Camino de Santiago Hostel
Enjoy Navarre… among friends!!
Sustainable tourism, ready to welcome you, alone or in a group

The Hostels


Our hostel is ideal for mountaineers, seminars, boarding schools, delegations, children’s groups, couples and all kinds of groups. The Hostel offers these activities for groups of 20 or more people.


The Beitu project is framed in a building with a lot of history: an old medieval palace, a convent and rural accommodation since 1989. Our extensive facilities make it possible to host large school groups, associations and events of all kinds.


Located in the small Pyrenean town of Oronz (Salazar Valley), the hostel offers 40 places arranged in different size rooms. Home cooking service offered.


Located northeast of the Navarre Ribera. its extraordinary location allows access to a wide range of attractive and remarkable places. The town is one of the gateways to the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, an area declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. 

During the stay it is possible to enjoy the Environmental Education activities, including a visit to the Farm School and the rest of the facilities in which to enjoy contact with nature.


The hostel is located in the Baztan Valley. In an ideal natural and scenic setting to enjoy the Bertiz Natural Park. The Valley is an enclave full of cultural and historical heritage, traditions that are maintained among the people of Baztan.

Located in the Low Mountain Region, in the Middle Zone of Navarre, close to Sangüesa, Foz de Lumbier, Leyre Monastery and Javier Castle. On a hill in the Sierra de Izco we find Aibar, a medieval town that served as a defensive bastion, determining its construction in the form of a watchtower.


The Matxinbeltzenea tourist hostel is a house that dates back to 1633 which was restored and turned into a hostel in 1991. Lesaka, a small town located in the north of Navarre, has a beautiful town centre. 


Located in the rural area of Beintza (100 inhabitants) in the Bidasoa Valley, north of Navarre; surrounded by mountains and forests, especially beech forests. Tourist Hostel (category 2): 5 rooms of 16, 10, 10, 4 and 4 beds, some double,-wide bunk beds (exclusive rooms). 2 living rooms, one with a climbing wall.


The Zubimuxu hostel is located in the centre of town and on the banks of the Urumea River. The town is in a rural setting, far from major highways and surrounded by mountains and green peaks, native forests and farmhouses with their traditional cattle.