2018 January 27th, festival at the Hostel of Astitz

We will celebrate every year party of the Hostel of Astitz on January 27th, Saturday. In the morning we will move with Zumba rhythm; afterwards we will enjoy together a very nice meal, and in the afternoon and night there will be three fantastic concerts:




After the concerts party will go on with dj FERMindio…

If you want to come…, please, let us know it as soon as possible!



20th Korrika in Astitz.

Last night the 20th Korrika has arrived to Astitz, and our friends from Cymru, as well as the children from Orioko Ikastola, have taken the baton. Gora Euskararen Herria!

On Saturday 5th November, Beer Party at the Hostel of Astitz!

On Saturday 5th November, we’re going to celebrate the Beer Party at the Hostel of Astitz. Firtsly, at 13:30 Iñaki Perurena will offer us his spectacle « Harriakin hizketan » , and after that we will have a nice lunch -helped by the beer, of course-, a lot of music, we will have dinner with pintxos and more concerts…, if you click here, you will see the whole scheduling of this day.

See you soon !